Stereophile review of the T-Amp

Just a little joke! Of course Stereophile would never review such a small piece, especially amidst all those beautiful expensive pieces. But, just for fun I hooked up a T-amp to Axiom M3ti speakers and a small portable CDP in my bedroom. At low to moderate volume it is very impressive for the cost. Not impressive compared to everything else I have or you have, but for under $400 total?? My wife wasn't impressed, but I don't think she's been impressed by anything else in the bedroom for a while! ;) Anyway, I hope some of you enjoyed the teaser line and what the heck, try an inexpensive system for a change. You might be surprised! Now back to the usual esoterica!
Tgrisham wrote: "So when can we anticipate the long-awaited review of the T-Amp in Stereophile?"

How long can you have been waiting since you weren't expecting it until today? ;-)

I don't know the answer, btw, nor do I know the format it will take.

The T-amp has been around and is legit for the price. It should almost be bought just for that reason, and some people use it and put it in another case and mod it.

It just shows what can be done on the cheap. I'm not buying one simply because it won't replace my current amp, and I'd play with it and put it in the closet and never see it again. But for someone wanting to get into audio, it could be a cheap way to see what it's all about.
Good for Ipod use right?I am sure it can be used nicley with some Class C or D speakers better than say that Altec "yste," which looks good but in an office or bedroom you canm get by with the 25 watts.Maybe something cheaper with Fostex drivers like the Omega speakers bought used would sound great relative to cost.
The coolest thing about the T-amp, other than the price, is something I didn't anticipate at all. In my home office, where I spend way too much time in front of the computer, it's incredibly handy to have the amp and its volume control right there on the desk just in front of the hand that's on the mouse. I'm constantly making adjustments to the volume depending on the source or whether I have to answer a phone call and moving my hand just a couple of inches forward to do that is way easier than fiddling with software controls or even picking up a remote.

I put the T-amp board in a case with a decent potentiometer, output jack and speaker terminals. Driving a very small pair of Acoustic Energy 301 speakers mounted at ear level on the back corners of my desk has most of the advantages of headphones without the isolation. I enjoy the setup a lot.