Stereophile's 2021 products of the year

  And wow! Schiit Audio 20w Class-A Aegir stereo poweramp made it into the A rating.
Cheers George
Kessler has a pathological hatred of anything Linn or Naim. They obviously must have had some sort of contratemps in the past, because he becomes mentally unhinged whenever their names are mentioned.

Mention Marantz and he can‘t stop the sycophantic platitudes. Mention Ken Ishiwata and he loses the plot.
Reviews are opinions.  I let my ears be the ultimate judge.  For reviewers, it is best to be totally independent of the manufacturers which means subscription supported.... It is very difficult to come by hence they need advertising revenue.
Also reviewers comments and opinions maybe somewhat colored by the benefit received from manufacturers who simply gift the product being evaluated to the reviewer.When is the last time you have read a negative review of any component.
Sad to see so much hate on the site coming from consumers who think that the first qualifier into their world is price paid!
True, it’s the mag that gives the full gamut of measurements for "those can can understand" them, that "can" backup the reviewers listening comments. And those measurements can be linked to, to show the non technical here what their problems are when they ask for help..

And it’s usually this magazine’s "hateful ones" that have no idea about measurements and usually believe in "snake oil" and voodoo to fix their problems.

If not your left with just what the reviewer heard and listen to him waxing lyrical with his poetic licence like in the Absolute Sounds do, and asked to believe it.

Cheers George