Stereophile Scamming Subscribers?

I just got my renewal notice in the mail. I had previously subscribed for 3 years, and now it was expiring. I have been a subscriber for over 20 years. The notice stated I could renew for the low, low price of $33/year if I commit for 2 years. I figured I would go online and renew that way. I searched out and lo and behold, a NEW subscription costs only $15/yr with a 2-year commitment.

What are they doing??


This is a very common lowball initial offer technique where companies give a better deal to complete strangers than to loyal customers. 

Sirius XM is another classic example. Complete strangers get it for $5 per month for a year. Loyal customers pay $18 per month.

Cancel and re-subscribe.  


I call Sirius every year at renewal time and threaten to cancel, I get offered service for $6/month every time. I do the same thing for Direct TV and get loyalty discounts


You can actually now use the chatbot to get the good rate with Sirius. Don’t have to talk to anyone like you have in the past. 

Jeez.  If you like Stereophile $33 is not much to pay for 12 issues posted though your door.

What the hell are you all looking for?