StereoTimes Interview with Duke LeJeune/Audiokines

I ran across this on the Audiokinesis forum over on Audio Circle. Duke is a regular contributor here on the threads and IMO one of the good guys in our hobby. The article provides some information as to his start in audio and speaker manufacturing, as well as his design philosophy. Overall a nice read.

Congrats Duke, the recognition is well deserved.
I always enjoy reading Duke's knowledgable responses to forum topics. A real asset to the gon!
Can't think of anyone in the business who deserves more recognition than Duke. Very nice interview.
I'm not an Audio Kinesis customer, but I've had numerous discussions with Duke over the phone. He's certainly one of the good guys, and I'd love to spend time with his speakers one day.

Oh yeah, cool article. :)
I've never had the privilege of speaking with Duke, but I came away from that piece thinking: "What a stand-up guy".