Stereovox cables, anyone?

I am really curious about these cables both the SEI-600 ic and LSP-600 speaker cables. I haven't heard from many users other than their HDXD digital cable which is supposedly a great value, small wonder coming from the designer of Kimber's Illuminati D-60 which I still use and found a great value.

Both the above cables are quite pricey but Todd Warnke did a great review of both and found them to be so uniquely special in that they allow the music to come through without seemingly imparting a signature of their own. I am only aware of a few folks that are familiar with these cables and they all put them right up there with the special products found in our hobby.

Can anyone out there comment and offer their impressions compared to similiarly priced cables in a familiar system? Please list others you have compared to and if possible a description of the differences. Thanks all participants in advance.
Artg ,as good as the HDSE IC is i could not even begin to imagine how good Stereovoxs higher priced offerings are!!!!!must be a trickle down thing," Just Right"
I wonder if you are still interested in theese cables or you already purchased them?
I own both SEI and LSP for some time now. My theory is simple on this matter. Theese are silver cables and you expect quality silver cables to deliver exellent midrange and treble. What you usually do not expect is appropriate bass and drive with it. If silver can deliver all of the above it is already the great cable on its own. If you can get a few such cables into your listening room and compare, the Stereovox will be more transparent, detailed and dynamic. That is why they cost that much. This is the difference between good and great.
So if one question is behind, then, do you really want to go (yet again) through the hell of changing cables in three or five years from now? I hope not.
I found theese cables great with my Cary monoblocks, with my Kharma and my ex-ProAcs, and I hope they will be great with most other Hi-End audio components.
I have had tremendous success with these cables around:

ReimyoCDP, Levinson 390S CDP
Nagra tubed preampamp/amp
Berning tubed amp
Driving Verity Parsifal and Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage's

I agree they are all-around winners, but suspect they would expose bright grainy electronics for what they are, but I doubt anyone spending this much on cabling would use them on crappy electrocnics..