Steve Jobs we will miss you

My prayers are with Steve's family at this time. He was a great visionary and technology as we know it today is because of his visions. I'm glad he no longer suffers. May he fly with the angles and if he's there with God heaven is about to be upgraded!!!

Rest in Peace, Steve, and may God give peace to your family and loved ones.
I type in english, but you people don't seem to receive english. Everything I post on this site is misunderstood. A sure sign of closed one track minds.
Cut Schipo and Rok2id a little slack, people; grief is often expressed as anger!
I am just wondering about the "angles" in heaven Tom6897 mentions - Jobs could be obtuse but he did always seem to have an angle.
Rok2id: Whew! You said a mouthful. Steve Jobs changed the way the world lives. An absolute brilliant inventor. However, regarding audiophiles, I agree with what you said.........mostly. In regards to storing music on hard drives vs cd players, that debate goes on and on and on.....

I'm going to hear hell for this but, one could argue that he killed the music industry 99 cents at time. When people stopped reading liner notes and just scrolled through names of bands on their ipods, things changed forever.