Steve Jobs we will miss you

My prayers are with Steve's family at this time. He was a great visionary and technology as we know it today is because of his visions. I'm glad he no longer suffers. May he fly with the angles and if he's there with God heaven is about to be upgraded!!!

Rest in Peace, Steve, and may God give peace to your family and loved ones.
Your right about having thick skin nowadays. It seems you need it everywhere, be it at work, sometimes at home (for those who are owned by their spouses), and of course places like this, where it is very easy to speak your mind freely and opposing opinions clash. The beauty of our way of life in the USA, is that each of us as individuals are afforded the opportunity and right to speak openly because of our ancestors who died and fought for our freedom to to so. Noto so lucky in some other countries.

Back to the topic at hand. I can only think of another person in the technology real who had a profound impact during the dawn of supercomputers, Seymour Cray;

"When asked what kind of CAD tools he used for the Cray-1, Cray said that he liked #3 pencils with quad paper pads. Cray recommended using the backs of the pages so that the lines were not so dominant. When he was told that Apple Computer had just bought a Cray to help design the next Apple Macintosh, Cray commented that he had just bought a Macintosh to design the next Cray.[7]"

How interesting that these two companies, Apple and Cray, were intertwined years ago for the sake of building each others computers.

I remember reading years ago about research Cray was doing to duplicate the electrical impulses found in plants to create the next processor, fascinating.
It is a free country - however not a respectful one.

Feel how you like about a person but show a little class at their time of death. Ever notice how no one seems to say at a wake "What an asshole!" but offers some positive aspect of even the most flawed character.

That does not seem to apply in the anonimity of a discussion board. I blame internet for the loss of decorum among us.
I dont buy the whole mythic portrait painted of Jobs. Yes in the start of his career he did amazing things but folks act like he farted earthchanging ideas and the thousands of others were just along for the ride. I seriously doubt that he was the sole reason for even the idea of the Pad, the Pod, Iphone, the music store and many aspects of those and countless other aspects of his company. He started something and was careful to control his image but the question for me is how much of his legend was media hype? Yes he was known as a prick and a micromanager but he at minimum was smart enough to hire smarter folks to carry his company to amazing heights.
>>10-07-11: Chadnliz
I dont buy the whole mythic portrait painted of Jobs<<

That's why he's a legend and you're Chad.