Still happily using vintage gear?

I was sitting listening to my main system consisting of an Audio Research SP8 preamp, NYAL Moscode 600 Maxi, Vandersteen 5 speakers, Thorens TD126MkIII with Sumiko Blue Point, VPI HW16, and was completely satisfied, again, with the experience. (Kimber 12TC, Morrow, Straightwire, AQ and Furman accessories)
All the equipment has been well cared for and kept in good repair: caps replaced, TT overhauled etc.
But it has an average age of about 30 years!
I love reading about all the latest gear, and lust after some of it dearly, but... I'm satisfied with what I have.
I'm playing with digital and having my fun with that, but I was wondering:
Is anyone else still happy with equipment that is now considered "vintage"?
(I don't think of it as "vintage", I just think of it as long-lasting!)
So... what's the oldest piece in your rig?
Mine is the Moscode. 40 years young.

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First hearing of DQ-10s is what pulled me in!

I've got 30yr old Soundlabs, Krell amp & BAT preamp that were just "light used" when buying them. After a decade of happy use, now I suppose they are vintage! Cheers,
Original owner of a pair of JBL L65s (A) bought new from Pacific Stereo, Spring of ‘78 and which are still in daily use. They’ve been looked over & refoamed once in the mid nineties…no complaints since then. I bought a fair little collection of amp/source components around this same time (1978) to hook up to the ‘65s all of which are long……long..fizzled and gone.

Nice the Rogers - you should here them on my Class A mono blocks with the 16 Ohm taps!

Also try a RCA 5R4 instead of the 5U4  similar but different  eBay about $20 shipped.

Guitars - got a '69 Strat and about 6 Les Pauls' a few Hamers, ES-330, ES-335, a Blonde Tele, etc.  I have been searching for a good lunch box head amp to try out now.

Best vintage power amp I found was the Lafayette KT-550 changed the tube complement - hard to beat them if you can find one!

Building my own product line all point-to-point wired I guess they are all based on Vintage components in a way just better parts and transformers.

Happy Listening & Playing!
I still use my 1976 Linn LP-12 though it's my back-up turntable now and has been periodically upgraded. It's kind of like the story of the guy who owned the axe that George Washington used to chop down the cherry tree and was in original condition except the head had been replaced twice and the handle three times.