Still happily using vintage gear?

I was sitting listening to my main system consisting of an Audio Research SP8 preamp, NYAL Moscode 600 Maxi, Vandersteen 5 speakers, Thorens TD126MkIII with Sumiko Blue Point, VPI HW16, and was completely satisfied, again, with the experience. (Kimber 12TC, Morrow, Straightwire, AQ and Furman accessories)
All the equipment has been well cared for and kept in good repair: caps replaced, TT overhauled etc.
But it has an average age of about 30 years!
I love reading about all the latest gear, and lust after some of it dearly, but... I'm satisfied with what I have.
I'm playing with digital and having my fun with that, but I was wondering:
Is anyone else still happy with equipment that is now considered "vintage"?
(I don't think of it as "vintage", I just think of it as long-lasting!)
So... what's the oldest piece in your rig?
Mine is the Moscode. 40 years young.


I’ve been using the same pair of Yamaha NS1000M since 1977. Added a Velodyne ULD-15 Series II in 1990.

i still have my 4 bose 901 series 2 speakers from the 4 chanell days! i had a marantz 4300 which started to be noisy so i have mcintosh mx132 and mc602 now!

Good thread.

Still daily using my Thresholds SA/1 that I inherited from my father. About 40 years old now. Truly build to last a lifetime.