Still liking my PSB Stratus Gold i's

The updgrade bug has grabbed hold of me. After upgrading my amp, pre-amp and cables I've thought about upgrading my Stratus Gold i's. But they sound better with each upstream upgrade. So I'm holding on to them and don't plan to swap them out any time soon. Anybody else still loving your Stratus speakers?
Mine also sound good after 13 years have them in a second system after upgrading to Platinum T-6 but they still rock,
No reason to "upgrade" from Stratus Golds. They do so much right, and are resolving enough to yield audible benefits with disproportionately priced upgrades upstream.

My main speakers are also big floorstanding Canadians from the same era--Mirage M5si's. They anchor the 7.1 ch HT/surround system. I still marvel at how *right* they sound, and the Stratus Golds have a similar, natural tonal balance, but with an even more transparent midrange. I think you'd have to spend $5000 to get more than a lateral move from your Golds, and even then you'd have to choose from a value-leading manufacturer such as, oh, PSB.
my friend just picked up some mint stratus gold's for $700.. great deal

i'm going over this weekend to listen to them :)
What a bargain! I agree with Johnnyb53 that it would take close to $5k to find significantly better speakers.
the ones i liked from back then were the silvers. They sounded better in smaller rooms, however.

Shit, how old am I again?