Still Looking for a DAC - Audio Mirror Tubadour v and ANK Audio 5.1

So, folks, after returning the Lab12 DAC Reference due to its incompatibility with my CDP, I’m still looking for one. There are two devices that I’m interested in - Audio Mirror Tubadour V and ANK Audio 5.1 Signature or Professional 

If anyone is familiar with those please do share your thoughts.




I know there’s a 5.1, but I don’t remember seeing a 6.1. But maybe hey snuck one by me.😁. Actually, there’s a 5.1 here on Agon.  They’re asking $4000 for it.

All the best.

@falconquest , my Electrocompaniet ecm1up CDP won’t play CDs via Lab12. Experiencing signal dropout all the time, and nobody knows why. Other sources worked just fine.

I owned a Tubadour lll for several years and used it exclusively for CDs. No experience with streaming with it though. Never had any problems whatsoever. I just got the itch to try something new  but I was very happy with it.