Still looking for speakers in the 10-20,000 range

I’ve heard Proacs, Personas 3 and 5, Ryans, Wilsons, Wilson Benesch, Monitor Audios, B and Ws and several others in the 10-$20,000 range.  My favorite so far is the KEF Reference 3.  I would consider the Reference 5 but, as I’ve posted before, there is no place to hear them within 400 miles. Still plan to hear the Focal 2 and 3. Unless I love the Focals, I'm inclined to either go with the KEF Reference 3 or wait a couple of months (or more) to check out the new Magico A3.  My room is 24x18.  I have Audio Research electronics and 20 plus year old Proac Response 3.5 speakers.  It’s been a long process and I’m not sure if I’ll be relieved or disappointed when it ends.  Hard to decide if the Magico’s are worth waiting for.  Thoughts?
So you have previous ProAcs 3:5s --great Speakers--you have myriad of choices --enough to really spin the head-ha!
What I've heard /or owned--picks for perusal

Vandersteen Carbon 5A's

ProAC Carbon 6 or 8

Revel Salon 2's

Tidal Diacera Pianos

Not fan of Focals-- to disjointed in their presentation

Magicos overly detailed and fatiguing --I'd pass

Good hunting

I have a dealer friend in another market who is a Focal dealer and he swears by them. I have never heard them personally, but for my money I believe it is IMPOSSIBLE to beat Dyanudio Confidence C2’s. 17.5K for the pair and deals can be gotten out there. 4 ohm speakers love plenty of current so just make sure your amp can deliver the goods. Dyanudio custom builds kit the sounds system for those 1M Bugatti autos, if that tells you anything. This Danish Company has their act together. My ex boss listened to just about EVERYTHING and he was going to but the C2’s but was made a deal he couldn’t refuse and stepped up to the C4’s. They share the same tweeters but play a bit lower than the 2’s. It was a non issue for me as I have two REL sub base systems. 

It depends on what music you listen to and the acoustical environment of your listening room. Based only on what I have heard in my own house, I would narrow the list to:
1.Vandersteen Quatro CT Wood - if you like powered speakers and you listen to rock, pop, and jazz;
2. Wilson Yvette speakers - You can get demos at under $20K, wonderful combination of resolution and musicality;
3. Elac Andante AF-61 floor standing speakers - Only $5K and they sound wonderful - good at bass reproduction and relatively good midrange, a fantastic bargain.

I just got a pair of the Vandersteen Quatro CT's and was able to have them painted in any color I wanted. I chose Audi Havana Black.  Had the electrician drop in a 4" LED Daylight can above each one yesterday and man are they awesome.  So much metallic flake, lol.  

The best part is the sound.  Speakers are just so personal.  I have heard all the speakers that you have on your list and many many more.  I personally fell in love with the Quatro's for anything under 25k. I like them much more than the top Paradigm with powered subs and I've heard them now at 4 stores. Always sound the same to my ear and that's harsh on top.  

some nice speakers on your list, but I hope you go listen to the Quatro's in addition to the others.  For many of us, they sold themselves.  Great luck.  If you are near CT, you can come listen anytime.