Still looking for speakers in the 10-20,000 range

I’ve heard Proacs, Personas 3 and 5, Ryans, Wilsons, Wilson Benesch, Monitor Audios, B and Ws and several others in the 10-$20,000 range.  My favorite so far is the KEF Reference 3.  I would consider the Reference 5 but, as I’ve posted before, there is no place to hear them within 400 miles. Still plan to hear the Focal 2 and 3. Unless I love the Focals, I'm inclined to either go with the KEF Reference 3 or wait a couple of months (or more) to check out the new Magico A3.  My room is 24x18.  I have Audio Research electronics and 20 plus year old Proac Response 3.5 speakers.  It’s been a long process and I’m not sure if I’ll be relieved or disappointed when it ends.  Hard to decide if the Magico’s are worth waiting for.  Thoughts?

Sneaking my own question in to this thread (as it's not worth it's own thread):

I'm considering purchasing a pair of really nice Joseph Audio Perspective speakers that are in a high quality gloss white.  It would be something of a try them out and sell if I don't want to keep them.

I'm wondering: would the white finish be any detriment to selling them?  I really have no idea if white speakers would put off buyers.   Thanks.
From my perspective white speakers would be highly undesirable. I'm a traditional wood finish guy. Just one opinion of course.
I’m not current on the state of the art in loudspeakers in that price range, simply because I stopped looking years ago after finding something better than what I had been looking for. That said, JUST TODAY, I heard the (relatively) new Aerial 7T loudspeakers. I DON’T know how they would compare to any of your other fine candidates. I DO know that IF I were looking for new speakers these would be getting an audition in my house. They’re said to be 93 dB efficient and retail for ~10K.

Here’s what I said:

Aerial 7T loudspeakers
Interesting that the Goldenear Reference gets no mention in the discussion.
Full Range Class A rating in Stereophile, above many of those being considered in this discussion.
Are the strong reviews from a couple of “elder statesmen of audio” -
Tony Cordesman and John Atkinson off the mark?