Stillpoints and reference-level speakers

Seems logical to assume that the makers of megabuck speakers would use superior footers in their designs. Any experience out there with Stillpoints isolation devices to support the reference-level offerings from Magico, TAD, Rockport, Tidal, and others?
I have been using SST products for a while now.
Better in my system than SP no doubt.
Although a mixture of both did work pretty well in my past system with 5`s under speakers and 101`s under DAC computer and amps.
New system will only have DAC and speakers requiring isolation.... apart from conditioners cables and resonators etc of course but that`s another story.
I shall try the 5`s again soon.

Whats so ugly about SST? Those high grade brass rods are impressive and look pretty cool as far as i am concerned. Plenty of people have made positive comments on them in my room. Can`t wait to try `Stage`, when available, under DAC.
Once again thanks for the tip Gary.

Anyhow i have been trying to contact Robert at SST for the past 2 weeks with no reply which is a bit unusual. Has anyone heard anything?
Or could someone over there please check or something?
It is a bit difficult being down under.
My experience is that it is next to impossible to have an intelligent conversation with Mr. Bobby Kingma, i.e. Bo1972. It is like talking with Forrest Gump or with a talking parrot. Irrespective of the topic discussed, he will invariably start preaching about one of the following topics:

1) "2d and 3d sound”
2) “qualities" of electronics
3) The fact that he has an identical sound memory.
4) How almost all subwoofers are slower then the Monitor Audio subs he is selling
5) The fact the the editor of a dutch magazine has call him to tell him that he has had the best sound at a dutch show that was organised in 2012.

He is doing the same thing also on the dutch forums, and to me (not a native dutch speaker) he sound somewhat illiterate also when writing in dutch (his native language). Thus, my advice is to simply ignore him. I hope Audiogon will some day introduce an ignore button.
I am talking about stereo, not Multi channel. I also play over 90% stereo.

I owned the B&W Nautilus 802 and the 800 Signature. I loved the touchable image. But I didn't like their crossovers. I missed the depth of some other speakers.

The speakers who could give depth ( I sold Avalon for over 6 years of time) and other speakers missed the touchable image of the B&W.

In my head I thought: I want it all. I want a deep and wide stage. But I want a palpable intimate image as well. This part is the weakest part of Avalon.

When I was at my friends house during classical live concerts I was stunned by the intimate sound of an instrument and of a voice.

In 16 years of time I did compare a lot. The thing I love most in audio. I Always want to know which properties every single tool owns ( speaker, amp, source, cable, conditioner etc.)

After time you know when you make a combination of some brands what it will do togheter in sound and in stage.

MIT, Nordost, Audioquest, Kimber, NBS, Purist Audio, Transparent, Van den Hul, Taralabs etc have different influences on the sound, image, focus, level of black, resolution, dynamics etc.

I compared them often. Like I compare speakers. For example in 2009 I did lend the Wilson Audio Sophia 2 for 2 months. I Always want to know every single part you Judge a speaker for.

A 3D sound for me is a wide and deep stage with an intimate palpable image like in real.

When I play my favorite music I want to hear every single part of a recording separately. But also in depth. This gives a different feeling in how music influence our emotion.

The more expensive cables form Audioquest and Purist give both stunning black levels. They make the 3d stage more resalistic. It is a feeling of people are really in your room.

My 2 new Audioquest Wel Signature XLR cables did give me new level of listening to music. I never heard any set with this level of palpable image. 2nd and 3th voices are so much more apparent. Differences in Heights give a new view of my music.

The ribbontweeter give a much better palpable image than a dometweeter can. It also brings voices and instruments more loose from the speaker. This increases the stage also in front of you. The stage behind and even beside your speaker give you a more 3d feeling

At the end all parts togheter make the 3d palpable stage.
Speakers, amp, pre amp, conditioner, cables, stillpoints, source.

All these different tools I test to see which parts for Total sound they own.

That is why I bring in tools with properties a set doesn't own to make it complete. I do this also for my clients. It is a different approach, but very effective in endresults.

At shows you hear sets with a deep and wide stage, but this is only one part. When instruments become more intimate and palpable you go to a much higher level.
Take note however of the increasing number of thread responders who've actually compared Stillpoint to Star Sound products, this is a welcome addition IMO.