Stillpoints ERS cloth for EMI/RFI

If you have experience or knowledge- in how many areas of a cd one box player could this material be effective on, and how to install?. I have read about transformer noise, digital chip processing noise, clock noise, etc. Would like to try full blown use for inside the box noise as my line isolation & conditioning are well handled.
Thanks Lacee. May I ask how/where you're using it and the results you hear ?
I taped cut pieces around the transformers in the power supply of my Steelhead,on top of some caps,and around the power IEC.
I also wrapped another smaller linear power supply to my LTS volume control.
I put some on top of my Furman IT 1500 balanced power unit(over transformer but outside unit),and a small piece under one of my Furutech GTX D reptacles which sits out from the wall on a DIY platform on the floor which powers up the Furman and my two Acoustat servo amps.

There are a few places I would like to try the cloth,inside the Furman,which I will do when I order some more.

I also did some DIY shielding to the open wires inside both of the Steelhead chassis.I taped some pads under the metal chassis where the transformers are ,this time on the outside.

The end result is my vinyl sounds more focused.Instruments and vocals are easier to make out.
There's better differentiation.
I suspect one might be better off wrapping the transformer with mu metal, you know, something that absorbs the magnetic field the transformer produces.