Stillpoints ERS cloth for EMI/RFI

If you have experience or knowledge- in how many areas of a cd one box player could this material be effective on, and how to install?. I have read about transformer noise, digital chip processing noise, clock noise, etc. Would like to try full blown use for inside the box noise as my line isolation & conditioning are well handled.
Mu metal is not expensive, I'm guessing the same price per square foot as the Stillpoints stuff and can be wrapped around the transformer since it comes in thin malleable sheets that can be easily cut and also placed below and over the transformer. The issue of course is the powerful and toxic magnetic field produced by the transformer as a consequence of you know the current traveling through the wire, not to be confused with an electromagnetic field, that affects everything within proximity. One layer of mu metal absorbs about 75 % of the magnetic field, while two layers absorb about 96% of the magnetic field, which you recall from high school is orthogonal to the direction of the current flow.
Take care handling sheets of mu metal as edges are very sharp. I trim using those special shears that crimp the edges when you cut the sheets to help prevent cuts.
Thanks Geoffkait. you are a great contributor. However you mention "you recall from high school days" would only be wishful thinking on my part! Are you saying the magnetic field from the transformer contributes as much noise as EMI/RFI. Does wrapping with mu-metal cause any problems. I also have a ~ 75 pound Equitech 2Q transformer. They don't appear to have it enclosed in mu-metal Any idea why?