Stillpoints LP Isolator Record Weight

Has anyone who has auditioned the Stillpoints LP Isolator (LPI) offer their opinion on the turntable accessory? I'm curious if it would provide any advantage over the standard VPI Record Weight / Periphery Ring combo.
Get the Stillpoints record weight. It works great. Then replace your Linn with something good.
I know you all really know what the Stillpoints LP I is/does. Still (hah,hah), I think calling it a record weight doesn't describe this item accurately. It is really a device that provides a way for resonance to flow out of the lp/platter, reducing that to heat, instead of driving them back into the platter/bearing. (This is an important distinction!) It does weigh around one pound, so in this sense it is a weight.
Try a Boston Audio mat 2 with no weight or clamp. So far that may be the best option I've tried.
FWIW, here's my personal results using the Stillpoints LP I.
Increase in transparency would be the best one-word term to describe it in my system. This has an effect on everything.

Increase in micro/macro detail
Increase in resolution
Transient response is even quicker/sharper/snappier
Bass info is more delineated, less confused,
Music sounds clearer/cleaner

I would imagine each persons unique system/set-up will react differently. These are my findings, all positive.
common, I have owned the Stillpoints record weight for well over a year. It' is well made and looks very cool. But common, let's not make it more then it is. It is a very cool record weight. No more. The idea that it transforms your TT set up in to some magical mythical transducer is just that, a mythical fantasy. An illusion. It keeps the vinyl tighter and flatter to the platter. Some like that and others feel it take the life out of a record. I enjoy it both ways. Some times with and some times without. But it always looks great.