Stillpoints vs Symposium Rollerballs


I am looking to improve the isolation under my Wadia 16i (it is currently sitting on a Quadraspire Q4 rack) and am considering Stillpoint and Symposium rollerballs. Anyone with experience/views on this? Many thanks.
I started off using Symposium Roller-blocks under my Accuphase DP-75V CD player. I had a problem leveling the Symposium shelf upon which it sat, so the bearings never centered exactly right on the Roller-blocks. I switched to the Aurios (1.0's, non-self centering) and I preferred the easier set-up and closed bearing system over the R.B's. Please note that your platform or shelf leveling must be "balls-on" when using either of these items. I have not had experience with the later versions of the Aurios which are supposed to be self-centering.

I picked up a set of Stillpoints with risers at the 2004 CES. After placing them under the Accuphase, I was shocked! The sound SUCKED! I lost all of the "air" and nuances of the mid & high frequency micro-dynamics. The Stillpoints went up for sale the next day!

Please note that both the Aurios and Roller-blocks are susceptible to cable and power cord "drag", and can easily lock up, pulled to the end of their free travel by the weight of the cords. Ganymedes are a superior design similar to the Aurios, but with a much greater range of bearing travel. They also work in the vertical as well as the horizontal plane for vibration absorption. And they will still work well if operating a few degrees off level. Alas, I have heard that the Ganymedes are now out of production!
jes45, yes...hence the original question (which was never about 'best' or one size fits all; it was more an exercise in learning about other people's experiences).

the responses have been very interesting. i have learned quite a lot. many thanks to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts.
Tweaking is IMHO a basic task I perform for getting the most out of my equipment rather from my wallet.

So I have a combination of rolling devices + coupling cones blocks that every once in a while I try to "validate" the current set up. For me is part of the hobby thing in this case.
Currently have cones direct under source made from a special polymer and a bearing type device under the platform the cones rest on. It's about time to cross check them vs brass types !!!! Thanks for reminding me of this.
I have let more worms escape from this can than I might want to admit ...
Well I just tried the "herbies" under my big-ass-monoblocks.--(Refers to CJ 8xs monos) Cain't believe how much they add--all good,btw.(and cheap,too.) Mr. Herbie is giving me .0000000005 cents commision on each million he sells from my recommendation. If you got tube amps, sitting on nothing but an amp stand;I think you will be impressed.