Stoked their are sound buffs like myself...

Hello Friends, let me first start out by saying thank you for your addictions, I love audio and have been craving to recreate the memories I had growing up with my fathers rack system..... He had the typical 80's Silver Stack with a technics receiver and eq and I was totally content on rebuilding that system. I have read a lot and have managed to build some great sound systems in my home and car "ALL Digital"....

Through a series of unfortunate events and the passing of a great man, the family knew my addiction and stumbled across a dusty corner in the garage handing me down some amazing equipment, and all but the speakers are in great condition...

The components are now in my hands and I am ready to build, since I am a fan of forums and groups, I researched and found you guys, hopefully you can help me along in the process and assist with any hiccups..

What I am working with???

McIntosh Everything

Receiver is MR 78 FM Tuner

EQ and Mode Selector is C32 Stereo Preamplifier

AMP is MC 2205

Speakers are the McIntosh XR5... Pretty bad condition...

Thanks for welcoming me! I look forward to reading your guys post and checking out your racks!!!! "NICE RACK"


If you can have the bad speaker reconed you would be better off than replacing as it should retain it’s original sound. I would also give all the connections and pots a good cleaning if the unit has been stored for any length of time. It may also be worth having a technician go over it.

Happy listening

My 2 cents but contact McIntosh about rebuilding the speakers. This would be feasible if you are close to them (shipping would cost a lot). Great way to honor your Father. Good luck!

P.S. If plan A doesn't work, you are fortunate to be in the new "Golden Age" of speakers. Plenty of new ones to choose from.

Call Audio Classics in Vestal New York.  They will give you excellent advice and service.