Stolen SoundLabs - just in case...

Here's one for the "I hate it what that happens" file:

This morning my car, u-haul trailer, and a pair of SoundLab M-1PX loudspeakers were stolen from a hotel parking lot in Barstow, California. I'm hoping that they show up for sale somewhere (ah - the speakers, not the car & trailer - gotta keep my priorities straight here!). The serial number is M1PX002, the side rails are rosewood, and the backplates have the "hotrod" upgrade identifiable by the large blue Jensen capacitors. They have the shallower 45 degree panels characteristic of th PX series. There aren't very many M-1PX's in circulation.

If you happen to come across these speakers for sale somewhere, contact officer Dante' Caliboso of the Barstow Police Department, case number 07-4135 and 07-4136 (they list the automobile and trailer separately, and the backplates were in the car). Their phone number is 760-255-5111, and my cell phone is 504-251-2311.

Oh by the way, I also found out that U-Haul's "insurance" doesn't cover theft.


Sorry to hear that you have to deal in crime ridden areas. The speakers will be dumped, no doubt. Does anyone seriously think that car thieves are knowledgeable in the fine art of high-end audio? Good luck.

I know that someone mentioned car insurance, but if you have not thought of it, your home owners or renters insurance also covers items being transported to and from your home in your car.

Good luck.
Duke we got your back will keep looking online but I do feel thiefs have no clue what the screens are in the uhaul bet they dump or hock them.
I think he is a dealer, so I seriously doubt his homeowner's policy would cover. Hopefully, he has some coverage for his inventory.