Stones mono box set thoughts on audio quality

Thinking of pulling the trigger on the Rolling Stones Mono box set.

People who have it what do you think of the audio quality?

I dont want to make a big investment and be underwhelmed. 
I got the mono cd box on eBay at a great price, while it sounds good I prefer the sacd Stones.
I haven't read any of the reviews on the box set.

Just how "authentic" was the source material? 50 year old tapes....

Spidey sense says I would be reminded of why  I gave up on buying  reissues...meh. If I want perfect background music, I play the CD's. 

My original mono's aren't perfect.Thankfully, they are very listenable. Very difficult to find them in the bins nowadays, unless you want to fork out the ca$h.

BTB and LIB are my faves. Always played LOUD.

I have the Stones mono vinyl box set.   It is wonderful.   very happy with the set.
  sound quality varies from album to album but overall its better than I have heard before.