strange hiss problem

Hi everyone:

Strange situation. My audio refinement cdp, when plugged into an NAD C320bee, adds a lot of white noise to the sound. As in when I turn the volume up on the NAD, I hear a pretty nice hiss. When I plug a piece of crap sony cdp in, the hiss is gone. Using a Shunyata Diamondback power cord on both. Something's wrong here, it didn't used to be this way. Any thoughts?
Are you using balanced cables between them or single-ended? (rca) YBA had a nasty habit in the past of putting "balanced" aes/ebu outputs on their CD players, but they didn't have a truly balanced (differential?) circuit. So, when you try to use balanced cables to a balanced preamp, you got hissy noise...
Either way, you sould try running your CD player into another system and see of you get the noise there too. IF it's quiet, then the problem lies somewhere else...?
Hi Golden ears, thanks for the advice. The audio refinement only has single-ended (rca) outs, nothing balanced. I'm afraid I can't put in iinto a different syxtem at the moment :(

Though I did try a sony cdp in there, and it fixed the problem. $75 Sony cdp's should never fix problems!