Strange looking vinyl

I got a sealed copy of Eric is Here Eric Burton and the Animals E-4433. When I opened it the record itself has this strange flat black appearance almost like there's some kind of film covering the record, which does not wash off. It plays but is very noisy. I have attached a photo. It was sealed so it is what it is, but I'm just curious have you seen this before and know what it is? Some type of pressing problem?
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Interesting. I received an LP with, it seems, the exact same issue (only on one side). Unplayable, and can’t figure out what it is. I even tried lighter fluid to take off this odd ‘coating’. Didn’t do a thing. Contacted the seller, and only received a partial refund. It was used, so no huge deal, but had it have been new, it would have been returned.

After looking and looking at it, I finally decided it may have been an issue at pressing.

A sealed LP is not necessarily factory-sealed. Every Tower Records had a resealing machine in it’s backroom, used to make returned LP’s sellable again.

In the 1970’s there was a company (Recoton, iirc) making plastic-lined sleeves. The problem was, the plastic was of a type that "leeched" onto the vinyl, leaving a dull residue. That’s exactly what your LP looks like.

We quickly learned to not use those sleeves. The "rice" paper sleeves being made now (MoFi, Vinyl Storage Solutions, etc.) do not have that problem

Yes, but the Tower Records resealed LPs had a noticeable seam along one edge! An astute customer would notice this!
Lighter fluid ! Very aggressive.  Since the record is basically unplayable I was thinking of trying out some solvents to see if any would remove the film without destroying the vinyl completely, not very hopeful.
@deadlift , I have soaked records in break cleaning fluid without any effect what so ever. Denatured alcohol will not touch them either. I have not tried lacquer thinner or acetone I'll leave that to you.

Fungus will grow on records in humid environments but that usually smells really bad.

I would send it back. If you like Eric Burden and the Animals there are some great hi res digital downloads. There are also some reissues available. 

Here are three cleaners you can try as a soak (try a spot) that you likely have in your home and will not harm the record:

-Isopropyl Alcohol - standard store bought 91% - soak a spot for 15-30 min (you will have to reapply as it evaporates)

-Laundry detergent such as Tide mixed 1-5% (1-5 mL/L).  Quality laundry detergent such as Tide has a broad variety of surfactants and enzymes and the enzymes 'may; work.  

-Distilled white vinegar (DWV) with a few drops of dish detergent to act as wetting agent.  The DWV is 5% acetic acid and the acid 'may' work against the film depending on what it is.  The DWV needs some surfactants to reduce the surface tension so the DWV can 'wet' the surface.

It is possible that the record was stored at too-high a temperature for too long and what you are seeing is a breakdown of the PVC and this is not recoverable.  At high temps PVC releases hydrochloric acid (HCL) and the PVC contains ingredients to scavenge the HCL, but expose to heat for too long and the HCL scavenging ingredients are depleted.

Good Luck