Stream Apple Music at 192khz through C49 DAC

I'm trying to stream apple music from my IPhone to my Mcintosh C49 DAC using a direct connect from my Iphone to the DAC with a USB C cable. The DAC is showing only 44.1 Khz. I have set the IPhone to lossless 192Khz and the icon on the chosen album shows High Resolution lossless. Do I need the Apple lightning adapter to get the full 192Khz? Or is there something else that needs to be done. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Ditch the iPhone as a source, your MAC/DAC deserves better. Get a Martin Logan Unison streamer with ARC room correction for $199 on sale. It has airplay. Use the iPhone as a controller streaming via airplay to the Unison. Run ARC room correction while connected to your DAC and you will be very happy.

I have this same setup with my Sony DAC and it wows. You can also use it with a sub if you have one.

You would probably fare better on an Apple forum.  … condo +1 .. no 192kHz