Streamer $2000-4000

Hello looking to buy a streamer for around $2000-4000 without a dac and without storage. 

I am ideally after something with a small form factor as well. 
what are your thoughts on

(1) lumin u2 mini

(2) auralic Aries g1.1

(3) moon mind2 steamer

(4) innuos pulse

As a financial stretch I could look at new Lumin U2 or the Aries G2.1, but would have to be substantial sound improvement. But preference is cheaper.

I probably won’t use roon which means the app is quite important. 
If you have compared any of these units against each other then please let me know. some would say they all sound the same, but I highly doubt that…

it’s to use as a streamer into a Boulder 866, as I am looking for an app that is better than the mconnect one available with the internal streamer (this would rule out the Bricasti M1). I also have a melco n1a mk2 that I use as the storage  I have to connect the streamer by AES so it rules out some brands  at the price point.




I believe the Auralic's will not pass DSD over AES.  I do like the sound of my Auralic Aries G2.1 though.  I use both USB and AES.  I think the AES is smoother and better, but again, it will not play the DSD over USB.  The Grimm MU1 handles this differently, changing the DSD internally and from what I have heard, sounds better.

I am looking at exactly the same units as you.  Interested in what you decided.  

Have you looked into the Holo Red streamer? If they charged $2,000 no one would think it is not worthwhile. It's that good. Neal