I have a dac.

Looking for a streamer with USB connection to my dac.

Would also like direct Ethernet connection along with wi-fi.

And decent app for my Android phone. 

Did I mention I have a dac? Budget would be under $1000.

(This should not be a great ask but I am having a tough time with my requirements.

Thanks.  Joe


I'm using a Raspberry Pi 4 running PiCorePlayer.  USB output to DAC (Bryston BDA-2).  Controlling it from an Android phone running Squeeze Ctrl.  Using Ethernet but the Pi4 also has built in wifi.

Minimal cost and sounds very good.



Just to update. I have purchased the A Capella III from Musica Pristina. It will be here this week.

I will update my experiences after some burn-in and listening.

@thegm How is the streamer working out for you so far? I will be looking for one soon and trying to get a handle on a variety of streamers. The one you have is up there in price so I would expect it to be competitive with the likes of Aurender.

Silent Angel M1 or M1T. Add the F1 PSU and N8 Switcher and ‘Bob’s your Uncle’!

The euphony summus endpoint has some impressive specs, but is twice the price of the silent angel streamer. 

@thegm, what's your experience with the Musica apristina A Cappella III been like?