Does a after market power cable make a difference on a streamer like lumin U2 mini or U1 mini


Honestly I didn’t hear any difference between $850 Cardas power cable and $350 Cardas power cable on my Lumin D2, but I was using those cables with Sbooster power supply. Probably, using them with onboard PS will make some audible difference. 

I put a $300 Audience pc on my Node N-130 and it made a difference. I added a Teddy Pardo LPS and it got even better and when I put the Audience pc on my the TP power supply it was better still.

Placed an all copper cord and plugs on my lumin U2 mini, and I think the sound is better. Better more definitive bass. But not a ridiculous amount. My aftermarket power cord was $300.

A decent power cord makes a difference Everywhere even on my new modem- router combo motorola 8702 which btw has the latest docsis 3.1 

IHave a LPS on it horrid of the crappy $10 power supply  an aftermarket Pc absolutely gave this better grip and detail 

for the $$  Pangea their top cables like the awg14 SE MK2. For$200

using Cardas best  Copper is a very respectable cable , I use these on all my LPS ,

and dac, their monster AC9-SE  isa awg 7 cable for line conditioners or power amps for under $300 prettygood. Fora real good Pc under $1k tops for myself .

many companies selling power cords even $5k which iam sure great but that’s pretty steep.


I haven’t tried a different power cord with my Lumin U2 Mini- still using what was supplied by the manufacturer. There is a difference between the U1 and U2 Mini’s when it comes to their power supplies so I would imagine upgrading a U1 would offer more potential as opposed to using the supplied wall wart.