Does a after market power cable make a difference on a streamer like lumin U2 mini or U1 mini


Q: Why do the yes answers from long time uses outnumber one no?
A: Bingo.

Better PSU’s? Youbetcha.

These upgrades are just that @jasbirnandra as you reported from a better power cord. Utlra clean power via a PSU for lack of a better description adds blackness and that equals clarity.


Everything matters! Some items more or less than others and sometimes might not be noticeable to some. But everything makes a difference!

A friend with lots of power cables loaned me 6 different ones to try out on my DAC.  I played the same set of well recorded tracks with all 6 and took detailed notes.  I was looking for a cable that maintained the excellent dynamics, sound stage and tonality I already had, while giving me great high end extension and emotional engagement with no sibilance or harshness.

Only one of the cables provided that.

Two rolled off the high end - no sizzle on the cymbals.  One was so "lively" that there was too much going on - I couldn't focus on the music.  The others were a bit harsh on loud vocal passages and loud passages with flutes or trumpets.

If you don't have fairly revealing speakers and if you don't use challenging tracks, you may miss it.

Try testing with Rickie Lee Jones "Living It Up" on her Pirates album.  There can be a lot of sibilance on that with the wrong power cord.  But you have to test them in YOUR system and change nothing else other than the power cord. 

No one else can tell you what it will sound like in your rig.  Incidentally, the most expensive power cords I tried lost.