Does a after market power cable make a difference on a streamer like lumin U2 mini or U1 mini


Dear friends thank you all for being helpful.

Today I changed the IEC  Plug to the Oyaide 004 and YES there was a difference in sound the bass is better, resolution increased tonal quality is more natural.

People that say a PC doesn't make a difference especially for digital source components usually means they have components worthy of hearing a difference, like a Bluesound Node device.

The 1’s and 0’s don’t pass through the power cord. An upgraded power cord will only have a noticeable effect over an inadequate power cord that does not deliver adequate power to a power hungry component like an amplifier. Streamers are not power hungry components. A power cord can not magically convert bad power from the wall outlet to good power to the component. If you have bad power you most likely need another power cleaning component to do that. Your likely better off spending your money on connections that actually do transport the 1’s and 0’s.

Power cords can make a significant difference in the sound of a DAC. Regardless of the outcome is of thinking about it. The higher quality the DAC, in general, the bigger the difference. But it also depends on the rest of your system.

I have owned five high quality DACs. For each, I optimized the power cords. They made a difference. But you have to try them in your system and determine if the cost and kind of difference is worth it for you.

I have found that the power cord and interconnect from the same company and level will have the same relative effect… in tonal balance, noise reduction… etc. I have not done enough comparisons to be sure this is always true. This I found odd, and counterintuitive (but what is new), but seems true. I have extensive experience with Transparent, DHLabs, and Cardas. I have some experience with WireWorld, AudioQuest, and a few others.