Streamer/CD ripper

I’m looking to upgrade my 25 year old digital front end ( Rotel CD player) to a streamer/CD ripper. How long does it take to rip a full length CD, and how does the sound quality compare playing the file on a streamer versus playing the CD on a CD player?


DBPoweramp does a fine job of ripping and the making sure that the ripped file is bit perfect.  The Aurender, or similar streamer/server will provide a quality stream and the rest is up to you.

The sound quality you get from a CD, ripped CD files, purchased file, file on USB drive, NAS, or streaming entirely depends on your equipment.

Assuming the same file, it makes sense to get it through streaming as it will cost an order of magnitude less than other sources. Also, streaming is now offering the most high resolution copies of music. Qobuz has over 1/2 million albums in high resolution… for $14.99/ month. So, a screaming deal.


My streaming typically sounds better than a physically played CD even though I have an incredibly good sounding CD player ($17K)… because higher resolution files are available. My streaming often sounds better than my great vinyl rig… so, streaming is the way to go. I gave away all my CDs (2,000)… as streaming usually bested them.


Streaming will only get better… put your intellect and money into streaming.


You can see my systems by clicking on my UserID. I have been working on them for fifty years. 



I use the HifiRose RS150B with their external cd ripper and I added a several TB Samsung SSD drive inside.  I use this as my DAC as well.  Works great, sounds great and I really love the screen.  It’s very flexible.

+1 Innuos.

Free Sense app sounds better than Roon and its free.  Use the money saved for Qobuz.  Sense directly integrates with Qobuz, so no Qobuz app needed.

My ripped files sounded better than from CD so I sold the player and put the CD's in storage.

Rip in WAVE not FLAC.

Listen in Off-Line mode.

Qobuz Hi-Rez can sound as good or better than ripped CD's.

A cd is not as accurate for it is rotating and harder for the laser to read 

and error correction is used as needed. Good digital cost 💲 monies at least $2k bare minimum. Just for decent Ethernet, fiber optic and or usb cables ,plus 

a good Ethernet hub like the uptone audio ether regen , a very good value for under $650. Good cables can cost well over$1k each then you still have to buy 

a Good dac,streamer  . What is the total budget $5-$10-15 k ?