Streamer for mostly Qobuz with volume control

Looking for a streamer to go to the main system, it has to have volume control and will go to a qutest by USB, setup is m30.2 XD LFD NCSE 2 (no remote control), Chord qutest. Can consider streamer dac but really like the chord. Budget max 3000, auralic? Lumin, aurender, other contender on a more budget friendly side (1000$)?? For those who have a similar setup can chime in it would be appreciated. 


Any reason you don’t control volume with a proper preamp? I have a Lumin U1 mini which has volume control via a iPhone app and I never use that... I use the preamp remote volume control... And I love the sound of my Qutest...  BTY, Lumin offers a Infrared Control Package with a remote...

streamers without built in dacs won’t have a volume control.... even in a modern digital front end, volume control occurs in the d-to-a conversion stage

if you are committed to using the chord qutest, you will need to alter music volume downstream of it... as the qutest is designed as a fixed output unit (you can set its operating output voltage at 1, 2 or 3v standard, but once selected, it cannot vary volume...)

Check out the iFi Stream.  Plays way above it’s $399.  I have one on my second system with LPS and optical isolation on the ethernet feed.  It really sounds amazing for its price.  It has an AP that allows volume control, USB or coax input. Roon, Tidal etc.

@ddude003 no remote control on the integrated amp, thus the need to move upstream without loosing sound quality,  @tksteingraber ifi specify not to use their volume control is a loss of quality will occur.  I eard from an auralic reseller that with new steamer of higher quality, this option is possible without sacrificing sound and loss will be perceive during volume change and quality will come back instantly