Streamer for mostly Qobuz with volume control

Looking for a streamer to go to the main system, it has to have volume control and will go to a qutest by USB, setup is m30.2 XD LFD NCSE 2 (no remote control), Chord qutest. Can consider streamer dac but really like the chord. Budget max 3000, auralic? Lumin, aurender, other contender on a more budget friendly side (1000$)?? For those who have a similar setup can chime in it would be appreciated. 


Why would you ever use the volume control on a streamer?  That is why there is a volume control on an amplifier.  I am thinking about playing CD’s because I noticed better sound quality when playing CD’s.  

Then I might sell the streamer and go for streamer dac preamp? I know that this exists on the lumin T2- T3, hifi rose 250 or else? Olit will add 1000$ to the overall budget 

I have the Leedh processing via ROON and my Lumin X1. I 100% am going to use this DAC direct to amp, a CODA #16. It sounds excellent. However, if I put the $2500 uber neutral Benchmark LA4 preamp into the system the volume is better at low levels. Mainly the progression on the Leedh is not as linear as on the LA4, which bugged me.

The Leedh is still the very best DAC based volume control I have heard. Though I have not heard volume controls on even higher cost DACs. If my goal of limiting boxes in my Livingroom was not the paramount concern, I would buy a second LA4 preamp and use it with the X1. The LA4 has made every single DAC I owned sound better.

BTW - I have 3 opticalRendu streamers. I will do some testing with the X1 streaming features to see if I can sell 1 of the 3 oR’s.