streamer Lumin U1 or Aries G2.1

I am buying new streamer(i stream 90% tidal and 10%ssd).  I am considering Lumin U1 or Aries G2.1.

Any suggestions,opinions would help.




Gerrie- I agree, why Tidal?  Spending all that money to use an inferior streaming service when Qobuz is available almost everywhere.


If one thought Tidal was bad UX, Qobuz takes the cake. The sound quality is OK - it's loud, not necessarily better. Tidal sends higher resolution, and has nearly 96% of Spotify's library now. Qobuz has about 50%. 

Even though you are responding to a 1-year-old thread I thought I would respond. I've had both Qobuz and Tidal off and on for a year now and just canceled Qobuz for the last time. Honestly despite what many are saying Qobuz does not sound better than Tidal to me. Also, many if not most of the music I listen to is only 44K CD Quality at Qobuz. I could care a less about the whole MQA discussion and just go on what sounds best to me. 

Yes. Go with what sounds best. It is interesting how some folks think Tidal sounds better and some think Qobuz sounds better. We don’t know if the entire sample of respondents are using DSP. Also don’t know anything about their systems. Perhaps one service can sound better than another on a particular rig and vice veraa. For me, Qobuz sounds better. For what I listen to, Qobuz’s library has never failed me. As for the streamers. I have a new Tambaqui that I am breaking in. I am using its streamer. But I also have an OpticalRendu and an Aries G2.1 and will compare at some point.