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I am not tech savvy and I have a DAC already in my integrated amp.I just wanted to try streaming. I would like to use Qobuz and need to purchase a streamer. I don’t need the dac included within the unit. I hate to pay a large amount for a unit that has a high quality DAC included. Are there any high quality streamers where I am not paying for the higher quality DAC included in the unit? My system is a Levinson 585 and Acendo C8 R speakers. 

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To the OP:  Beware those who try to shame you into spending a lot on a streamer simply because you've got a lot invested in other parts of your system.  The logic only holds if one believes there are material differences in the sound of streamers.  That is itself a somewhat controversial topic, which has been discussed and argued about on this forum and others ad nauseum. 

Let me know if you're interested in educating yourself further on this topic; I would be happy to point you to several other threads where both sides of the issue are explained pretty comprehensively.  As you could probably guess, my own view is that streaming is an area where the greatest amount of misinformation and overspending is occurring these days.  (And for the record, I've been streaming since 2004.) 

LUMIN U1 mini. Find one on the used market. The Lumin app is worth the price of admission.

I have the Innuos Pulse Mini that is a Streamer-Only. I sought the same for the reasons you’ve indicated. My Pre-Amp and DAC are Naim and I really appreciate that sound. The Innuos Sense App is hard to beat. The quality of music complements the Naim Pre-Amp and is certainly a step above Bluesound and others in the sub $1,000 category [Most of which also have a DAC therein which diminishes the $$ going towards your goal / pursuit]. The Pulse Mini runs for about $1,500. I also have the Innuos LPS that can work with either the Innuos Zen Mini or the Pulse Mini.

You can isolate your DAC from your computer quite easily.  The majority of the the noise generated by the computer is in  the power line that runs side by side with the data lines inside the cable.

A simple $5 USB adapter that removes the power from the cable and a powered USB hub does the trick for me.  With the proper  playback software my USB PC sounds better than the PI2AES using AES / EBU, I2s or coax.