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I am not tech savvy and I have a DAC already in my integrated amp.I just wanted to try streaming. I would like to use Qobuz and need to purchase a streamer. I don’t need the dac included within the unit. I hate to pay a large amount for a unit that has a high quality DAC included. Are there any high quality streamers where I am not paying for the higher quality DAC included in the unit? My system is a Levinson 585 and Acendo C8 R speakers. 

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I already had a DAC too and wanted a streamer better than my old Node.  The Sonore Micro-rendu, (or the ultra rendu) with the Small Green ComputerLPS, works  great.   As does the SOTM sms-200 Neo ($500) with the SGC power supply.    I’m using a Small Green Computer Sonictransporter I5 to run Roon AND Tidal.   Great tech support and its operation has been flawless.  

Another vote to start with a BS Node 130 $499 new and use your dac. It was less than a year after I got mine, I bought a better USB cable and then I bought the Teddy Pardo LPS. The cable made a big difference and the linear power supply made an even bigger! I think this combination gave me at least 80+% of what a $6300 Aurender streamer gives me in sound quality.

All the best.

@soix - Typically, but the RME ADI-2 DAC receives the 192K 24 bit toslink signal and utilize it without any drops. 

The WiiM Pro app is set to 192K output and it works a charm. The app also sees regular updates and is Roon Ready in my system. 

I can strongly recommend an Innuos PULSE.  The accompanying Sense app is the icing on the cake.  Works flawlessly with Qobuz.

@northbeach does the Innuos Pulse Mini support Tidal Connect? I've been trying to find a good streamer (less than $2K) that has USB outputs so the better clock in an external DAC can take over to reduce jitter.  Someone mentioned the Bluesound Node X has USB output, but I'm not 100% sure connecting it to an external DAC truly bypasses the clock in the Node.  Thanks.