Streamer question

I've looked and looked and can't find the answer to my question.

I use a Bluesound Node to stream both Spotify and Qobuz.  The Bluesound lets me use the web app that I downloaded to my Ipad to play music.

I want to upgrade, but I'm not seeing whether or not that is possible.  Most of the better streamers ($2000 or so) seem to have their own software which I would rather not use.

Anybody know the answer to this?

Thank you!


I have a similar set up: Node with upgraded TP LPS using internal DAC for MQA output to a Parasound pre via RCA for volume control. Despite all the controversy regarding MQA, Tidal can stream natively from its own app. I hate the BS software as well. I now use Roon which offers a ton of flexibility to stream from different music services. I own flac files from Qobuz and ripped CDs, and subscribe to Tidal.  Give Roon a try. It’s a cheap way to solve your UX problems.  The music stream visual is cool too.  Good luck. 

@jzzmusician it sounds like you’re using the Spotify Connect feature on the Spotify app and AirPlay on Qobuz app. Or the AirPlay feature on both Spotify and Qobuz apps. If that’s the case, you need a streamer that is AirPlay ready. One example would be Auralic. If I understood you correctly. If you AirPlay to your streamer you’re using your iPad to cast data to Bluesound as opposed to streaming from the Spotify or Qobuz servers directly. This method is sonically inferior to streaming directly from streaming services.
You can still access your Qobuz playlists thru the BluOS or Auralic or Lumin proprietary UIs by the way if you’re worried about loosing playlists. You can test this out with your bluesound app - you will need to login to qobuz from BluOS. 


Thank you.  I thought I was using the ipad as a remote control and that the Qobuz and Spotify apps in the Bluesound were still running. 

I'll give it a try today.


@jzzmusician try the bluesound native app on your iPad - that would be your remote. You’ll most likely appreciate the sound quality especially with the hi-rez albums available on Qobuz. Let us know 


While I know there are newer and better streamers out there, I am really in no hurry to find one.  Between the Pardo LPS and a good USB cable going to my DAC, I’m very happy with the sound.