Streamer question

I've looked and looked and can't find the answer to my question.

I use a Bluesound Node to stream both Spotify and Qobuz.  The Bluesound lets me use the web app that I downloaded to my Ipad to play music.

I want to upgrade, but I'm not seeing whether or not that is possible.  Most of the better streamers ($2000 or so) seem to have their own software which I would rather not use.

Anybody know the answer to this?

Thank you!


@jzzmusician try the bluesound native app on your iPad - that would be your remote. You’ll most likely appreciate the sound quality especially with the hi-rez albums available on Qobuz. Let us know 


While I know there are newer and better streamers out there, I am really in no hurry to find one.  Between the Pardo LPS and a good USB cable going to my DAC, I’m very happy with the sound.


I can see that.😁

Pardo supply for everything digital - i have a stack for them for switch, NAS and ROON server / core host

Are any of you with Nodes actually able to stream Tidal FLAC files (“Max”)? The best I’m seeing is MQA, mostly CD. I’m assuming a BlueSound software update just hasn’t some out yet?