Streamer+R2R dac+True balanced Class A preamp all-in-one?

Hi guys,

Does a full featured streamer + R2R dac + true balanced class A preamp all in one box exist in the world at this time? Ameri-fi, Euro-fi, Chi-fi, any other Asia-fi does not matter.

Budget = upto 10k

Thank you.



You are a little early to the party, but the idea of a CD, streamer, DAC and preamp all in one is the future of HiFi. Digital will get better and better while getting cheaper and cheaper. It will also get smaller and lighter. . 

For now you are looking at $27K for this Playback Designs MPS8.  In 5 years it will be a dinosaur and replaced by something around $2700 or so superior product.

Well, Boulder 812 seems to fit your need, though I'm not sure what is the DAC architecture inside that. There's also Esoteric N-05XD, not R2R, but very fine sounding nonetheless. 

@auroravengeance , Hmm..maybe i should relax the R2R constraint and try out the Esoteric (they don't seem to mess around with build quality). On the same note, it appears to be its very own unique architecture.

@deep_333 You can try TEAC UD-701N as well. Same architecture as the Esoteric but less than half the price. Esoteric and TEAC are basically the same company.