Streamer recommendations for dummies.

I’m new at this.
I need an e-net streaming device for AirPlay that can be set to a specific gain to prevent iTunes users from overwhelming my amp with the preset volume on their device. Anything above 60% is too much.
It would be nice to be able to EQ at the streamer as well, but the big problem is volume; when an iOS or OSX device sends a song to my amp at high volume (ear bud volume) it basically blows my bookshelf speakers off the stand.
amp: Hegel H160 -150 W RMS X2,   32-bit AKM DAC @ 24/192 except USB at 24/96 on 1 GB e-net.
speakers: SF Concerto on stands.Ben
I'm a strong proponent for Dirac Live room correction, over standard PEQ of frequency response. The time-domain correction is an incredible improvement, that pretty much everyone loves once they hear it.

miniDSP's boxes are the most convenient way to add Dirac to a speaker setup, although you can find Dirac integrated into other products from brands like NAD, Bryston, Emotiva, Arcam, and AudioControl.

There are other products besides Dirac that offer similar functionality, but none that are as easy to use and integrate into an existing system in terms of hardware or software in my experience.
Comparing the options Node2i, Yamaha WXC-50, LUMIN, AURALIC,
miniDSP SHD ... Unless I'm missing something, I'm thinking node2i is probably the best bang for the buck and least risk. Have to give up the EQ option but ...we can figure that out later.....
Thanks guys, really appreciate all the ideas.Ben
Node-2 arrived today and integrated immediately with the Hegel H160, I think the DAC sounds equal and the issue of managing volume is resolved. Thanks to all who voiced opinions, I appreciate that others with  experience are willing to share.Ben
There is however one thing I don't like with node2, streaming under Hegel H160 network interface I need about 47 on volume for max gain with my speakers (SF Concerto).
To match that volume on node2 you have to go up to about 76 on the volume. Same results under Coax, RCA and Toslink. 
Don't like having to set the Hegel at 76 volume to use the Node2.Ugh ....