Streamer/Server to replace Innuos Zenith

I am looking to replace my Innuos Zenith mkIII. After the long anticipated wait of a few years for their own software and it is still a mess for iOS users I have decided its time to move on. What do you all suggest for something like the Zenith but hopefully a step up in sound quality? I still have a Roon license so I am OK with using a Roon based product.
Thank you

Hi jmphotography,


I would recommend demoi’ng the 432 EVO AEON server which I just upgraded to (from Innuos Zen MK3):


  • Bottom line- this all aroused my curiosity and I contacted Audio Doctor for a trial.
  • My mind was made up on day one - the Aeon was better than the Zen MK3 in every aspect, including the quality of CD rips. It has a higher quality ripper which takes 12 minutes per CD to rip, and when I tested it with my 007 Spy Who Loved Me soundtrack CD, which was recorded poorly, the results were better than with the Zen ripper (not to mention the audio quality). I suddenly heard things on that CD rip that I never heard before. Dynamics were superior.
  • Crucially, the Aeon has inbuilt re-clocking technology, which Innuos offers only at the Statement well as a superior dedicated USB output, so that was another steal. The results of that are very evident in the unit's audio quality. It is definitely a step up from the Zen (and according to audiophiles who have owned the Zenith MK3, a step up from Zenith as well if using the USB output- actually they say it is competitive with either the Statement or the Zenith + Phoenix combo). Price before state tax is $7500. This official reviewer for example suggests at the very end the Aeon is better than the Zenith:


What really tipped the scales for me were the following factors:


  • The AEON is "upgradeable"- what this means is that if one day you wish to upgrade to the $16,000 AEON Master (which people are saying is almost as good as the Taiko Extreme), then all you would have to do is send your AEON unit to the manufacturer, and pay shipping plus the original cost difference between your AEON and the Master. So overall, the AEON is, in my opinion, a better investment because Innuos does not offer anything like that. If you wanted a Statement today, you would first have to sell you Zenith on the used market for less than the value you got it for.
  • More importantly, its CPU is powerful enough (in fact, purpose built) to run Roon Core just like Antipodes and other renowned Roon core streamers (as you know, for Innuos, the units below the Statement have an "iffy" record with being run as Roon cores, including with regard to sound degradation), and also, uniquely, for EVO 432, if you are into Tidal MQA, then an MQA-capable DAC is not necessary because the company has developed proprietary upsampling technology to handle the second MQA unfold (roon does the first MQA unfold)- read here:
  • The AEON is also tuneable (similar in a sense to other components' DSP functionality); it comes with 2TB standard vs Innous 1TB; and comes in a greater range of models to better accommodate clients- there are two models below the AEON at 3k and 4k. More here:


The rest is history. I am expecting my AEON unit to be delivered very soon (each unit is custom/purpose built). My humble advice is to demo this unit and find out for yourself.




A great dac -Streamer combination and 3 models to choose from with trickle down technologies starting with the Bricasti M3
it is very advanced And using the Classic dual Multibit          Analog Devices 1955 dacs, all linear power supplies ,multi level 
filtering and regulation fully modular for future technologies 
And many other advancements they use in recording studios 
around the world ,I bought what they call entry level ,it is a true high end bargain ,music taken from your computer or server  is fully isolated running Ethernet cable and all information digitally is not unpacked until in the streamer . Just checkout the reviews then have a listen .
I have found that the music sounds better using the new Innuos App when I use it to stream Qobuz into my Innuos Statement, instead of using Roon.  There are a couple of minor bugs they need to work out, but the sound is great.  I am sticking with Innuos.
I will also recommend looking a Wolf Audio.  I use an Wolf Alpha 3SX with Roon.  It operates as my streamer and server so nothing additional required.  There are a few possible options between their Luna R and top of the line Red Wolf that could fit what you are looking for.  Ethernet into the Wolf and USB out to my Gryphon.  Customer service is also top notch and very accessible. 

I'm sorry to hear about your iOS/macOS problems. I'm using an iPad to run Innuos Sense, and I can access my.innuos via a MacBook Air when necessary. However, I use Innuos Sense exclusively to run my music player, and it has been working extremely well. The only time I have had a problem was when I initially tried to use the my.innuos screen on my MacBook as a way to control my music player (since it looks a lot like the Innuos Sense screen on my iPad). As long as I access music files through the iPad only, things have been fine. I have no idea if anything I've mentioned has anything to do with your Innuos issues, but I thought I'd describe my experience in case it is helpful.

The other issue I wondered about is whether you might be having any system network problems, especially with intermittent wi-fi. You've probably already covered the basics in your troubleshooting efforts, though, so my thoughts may not be helpful. 

I don't use Roon, but based on the comments of other Innuos/Roon users, the new Innuos software should provide better overall sound quality than Roon does. To get better sound quality than your Zenith is likely to require a greater financial investment.