Streamer Upgrade

I have a modified Bluesound Node 2i with an upgraded power supply board and Terry Pardo power supply. While I am happy with it, I have the upgrade itch! I'm curious if anyone has upgraded from a modded Bluesound Node and what your thoughts are/were? On the TP website, they claim this upgrade brings "it very close to the level of network streamers costing twice as much" which makes me curious as to how big of a jump others experienced. I'm looking at streamer only as I am not interested in units with onboard DAC's. I currently use Roon with a Mac Mini as my Core. My DAC is the Schiit Gungnir MB. 




I respectfully disagree with @blisshifi in that I don’t think you have to spend much to get great streaming.  The Node is an ok entry point but the Cambridge Audio CXN 60 is a staggeringly good value at about $1200.  It has a beefed up power supply compared to the Node, an excellent Wolfson DAC, a great app, and adds Chromecast and AirPlay. It has enhanced Internet Radio capabilities relative to most streamers.  I added the Google Cast app to my phone for $3/year and I have several downloaded albums on my phone.  I could easily live with this as my only source although glad that I don’t have to.  In the analog world this kind of money won’t get the same level of return 

Rose Hifi.....I have the 150b that recently replaced a DCs network bridge and find it to b very good.  They have a 250 version that may fit ur budget.  Good luck w ur search.

I have been lsistening to streamed music almost since it started. First with Slim Devices Transporter, Node2i and Aurender N100H.  Aurender has worked a lot on its USB.  The N100H gives you the same sound as bigger models if your Dac has a good USB input. I have two of them, one to a Denafrips Pontus and the other one feeds a Devialet 220 Pro then Raidho X3. No harshess, grain or fatigue. Much better than using Airplay or Mconnect with a direct RG45 Internet connection to the Devialet.  

Finally, there is less and less difference between localy strored music and Qubuz stream. Flipping the same Hirez sound in two modes, it is so close , it comes to a guess.

@mrmanisundaram I’ve definitely been intrigued by the HiFi Rose stuff. They look beautiful. My biggest hang up is that I’ll only use it for the streaming side not the D/A side. Would be cool if they come out with a streamer only version. 


Up until I got the Rose, I used an external dac......and have had a variety of dacs over time....last one was a ANK 4.1LE.

The 9038 dac in the Rose is impressive.