Streamer Upgrade

I have a modified Bluesound Node 2i with an upgraded power supply board and Terry Pardo power supply. While I am happy with it, I have the upgrade itch! I'm curious if anyone has upgraded from a modded Bluesound Node and what your thoughts are/were? On the TP website, they claim this upgrade brings "it very close to the level of network streamers costing twice as much" which makes me curious as to how big of a jump others experienced. I'm looking at streamer only as I am not interested in units with onboard DAC's. I currently use Roon with a Mac Mini as my Core. My DAC is the Schiit Gungnir MB. 





Congratulations on the Yggi ( I evaluated DACs for a friend… bought a Gungnir to test my theory and then got him a Yggdrasil). Remember it will need a couple hundred hours of breakin. I used to own a Aurlic Aries G2. It is hard to criticize, it has a great interface. I prefer Aurender… but they are both good. I prefer a box to plunk down and use instead of screwing around with other software (like Roon). I want and audio system that just works… like my Aurender.


Just in case this comes up. If your router is not near your system (which is why I bought the Aries, it wasn’t)… just buy a wall wart wifi extender and plug it in next to your streamer. I have a fantastic system running this way… and know of many others. I found the Aries really unreliable… as far as signal, needed constant rebooting… and the sound quality is much better in my two Aurender. Ok, I admit it, I did not have a good experience with my Aries.

my Bluesound 2i was sounding outstanding last night. i upgraded the stock power cord and use an external DAC.

If you have the budget for it, you should check out the Cary Audio DMS series that begins with DMS-600.  I have the original DMS-500 which sounds awesome.  They are really leaders in that technology and it works flawlessly and the DAC would be worth the price tag alone.  Good luck with your journey.

@ghdprentice thanks for the advice! It is close and is hard wired. That made a biggggggg difference.