Streamer Upgrade Bluesound Node To Aurender N10

Just got into streaming via a Bluesound Node running Tidal and Qobuz, streaming from an iPad Air via wifi. Very impressed by the simplicity, convenience, incredible choice of music and sound quality. My question is; if I replace the Bluesound Node with an Aurender N10 will there be a noticeable difference in SQ?

Rest of the system is a McIntosh C52 pre amp, MC312 power amp and Magico A5 speakers. I feed the digital optical output from the Bluesound Node to the C52. A/D conversion is done in the C52. If I do upgrade to the Aurender N10, what is the best way to connect the system together? A/D in the Aurender N10 or C52, type of cable connection between the two units etc?


Thanks ghdprentice and others, you are absolutely correct, the Aurender N10 is a big improvement over the Bluesound Node. Finally installed the N10 last night and the improvement in SQ is immediately very noticeable; clearer/sharper sound and very dynamic. My wife also immediately noticed the difference. Now I need to get used to using the Aurender Conductor app, by comparison the Bluesound Node app was very easy to use.


Is your Node the Node 130?  Do you prefer more analytic sound?  I don't find live music to be "sharp" sounding.  That may explain my preference for the R2R DAC I have now (Denafrips Ares II)--it has the smoothness that I hear in live music, and I don't think it lacks natural detail.  It helps that my electronics and speakers are very transparent, so I don't need any extra detail from a source.

I'll be interested to hear your impressions of the Aurender app after you've gotten used to it.  One thing I appreciate about the BluOS app is it seems to provide more info on albums streamed via Qobuz or Tidal than those separate streaming apps do.  Tidal especially often lacks info on more obscure or older albums. 

Does the Conductor app allow you to fast forward/rewind in the middle of a song like the BluOS app does?

drmuso, from what I can remember, it was an N130. Re the Aurender app, once I got used to it, easy to use and worked well, no issues for me,

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