Streamer wanted

I’m looking to buy a streamer in the $1500 price range. A perfunctory search turned up the Cambridge and Arcam streamers at this price. Any opinions from owners of these or any other suggestions?
There are gobs of them.
Features (DSP, BT, headphone amp, LPS etc.)
Streaming services desired?
"Plug n play" ness?
Play local files via USB?
Radio stations?
Ease of control app(s)?

Unless you’re paying for Roon avoid ultraRendu, SOtM, & Ropieee.

Good luck with the Lumin app.  
All 2.5 stars of it.

Good evening. 
I see you are interested in a streamer. I will post this week. My Elac set for sale is a streamer and 2 prea amp 1 for each speaker.  Reason for selling I inherit in a will. Plus I have the tekton speaker with it. If interested let me know
One thing that's never mentioned is that laptops run fine off of battery power.  No AC issues. For less than $1500 you can have a truly high-end Windows laptop, that is absolutely overkill at getting bit-perfect datastreams from network servers to an external DAC.

I have mine set to "continuously on," keep the lid shut (no display noise), run Windows remotely from a phone or tablet, and happily do Office, browse the net or social media while listening to pristine sound.  I've yet to be convinced that a dedicated streamer would improve the sound quality.  When I hear it, I'll accept it, but with fully balanced electronics and cabling, I turn the volume sky high and there's nothing but blackness from which stunning music emerges.

Audiophillia is centered on constantly improving the system, and I'm a full-fledged member, but getting digital data to a DAC is not endlessly improvable.  We may be past the point of solved.
Don’t waste your money... all you need is a cheap grace digital link...$159 Amazon. Most people cannot hear a difference between cd 16/44 and so called hi-res. Although the grace will do hi-res. Spend the money on an external dac. Even then, you need nothing more than the musical fidelity v90 dac, if you can still find one new, $299. Spending any more on either is a total waste of money, because none of it will ever sound like a quality recorded LP.