Streamer wanted

I’m looking to buy a streamer in the $1500 price range. A perfunctory search turned up the Cambridge and Arcam streamers at this price. Any opinions from owners of these or any other suggestions?
Don’t waste your money... all you need is a cheap grace digital link...$159 Amazon. Most people cannot hear a difference between cd 16/44 and so called hi-res. Although the grace will do hi-res. Spend the money on an external dac. Even then, you need nothing more than the musical fidelity v90 dac, if you can still find one new, $299. Spending any more on either is a total waste of money, because none of it will ever sound like a quality recorded LP.
@electroslacker My Roon Nucleus was a clear upgrade in sound quality from a 15" MacBook Pro.  The noise floor that I wasn't even aware of with the MBP just dropped away.  I could never hear a difference between the MBP running on AC or the battery.  Further improvement occurred recently with the addition of an LPS.  I think perfect bits were being transferred by the MBP, as nothing in the music above the noise floor changed with the Nucleus.  Same tonality, dynamics, etc.; there was just more low level information: the tails of the notes, the hall, the squeak of the floor of the studio or stage, etc.

@audioguy85 The difference between Redbook and hi-res is quite audible.  I can also clearly hear the improvement of 192kHz over 96kHz when comparing albums with the same mastering.  Good 192kHz can rival or surpass vinyl, due to the lack of surface noise and the rock steady pitches of the notes, something that vinyl has a problem with due to off-center record holes.
@docknow I respect what you say above, and relate to your descriptions.  Makes me anxious to try some options.  I could see galvanic isolation keeping analog noise from propagating.   I've just been so impressed with the sound I am getting from FLAC data and Qobuz going through laptop to USB to DAC.  Thanks for sharing your experience.
All interesting comments, but I’m going to try the streamer I ordered and if it isn’t an improvement, I have 60 days to return it and get my money back.