Streamers: Lumin U2 vrs Aurender N200

Has anyone compared these two units? Do you have a sense of the tonal differences between them? Tone verses detail. The U2 has gobs of clean detail (gobs is a scientific measurement), but I think the detail is a bit hyped by boosting the tonality in the presence region. I have the U2. I have not heard the N200. Any help out there?


One other thing….not sure how it is in the U2 but with the U1 Mini that I had, enabling upconversion made it sound “processed”. So if you’re upgonverting may be try disabling it and do bit perfect. 
Also, Roon sounded slightly more natural than the Lumin app. 
But in your case, my money is on fiber conversion being the culprit. 

I don't care for upsampling within the U2. Roon does a far better job via Muse. The main reason is that Lumin only sends half of it's max supported bitrate for some reason. My Ayre QX-5 will accept 768/705.6 and send the signal directly to the DAC chip, thus bypassing Ayre's digital filters. And this sounds even better than sending it original sampling rates. I also use the optical input on the U2 and my LAN is all-fiber. Just a very short copper run out of my NUC running ROCK. The rest of the path (some 50') remains fiber all the way into the U2. 

@markmuse cool. Forgot to ask…

how many hours on U2?
what USB cable are you using?

what dac?