Streamers: Lumin U2 vrs Aurender N200

Has anyone compared these two units? Do you have a sense of the tonal differences between them? Tone verses detail. The U2 has gobs of clean detail (gobs is a scientific measurement), but I think the detail is a bit hyped by boosting the tonality in the presence region. I have the U2. I have not heard the N200. Any help out there?


@markmuse let it run for few days. If the streamer is new and was never used with Ethernet cable, that part of the unit needs to settle/break in. I wouldn’t dismiss that right out of the gate. Feed it some music 24/7, re-evaluate after 100hrs. 
Few other things I can think of, USB cable - DH Labs is not bad but it isn’t very refined up top. Not sure about your power cord. That’s easy to eliminate as a culprit - swap back to stock cord and see what that does. Get a baseline then see what the next steps would potentially look like. Don’t give up on it. Lumin U2 is a very nice streamer. But if you’re ready to get the Aurender, by all means try it. I love my N200 it’s awesome. But also requires careful cable and system matching. 

I sold my Aurender N200 to partly finance a Lumin P1, the N200 is an excellent unit but I prefer the P1 fiber optic input's sonic results in my system. The difference between the LAN and fiber optic inputs was not subtle, fiber optic revealed another layer of music, and expanded soundstage and instrument separation. Some apparently seem to experience this unveiling as tonal drying or bleaching, another example of every set of ears and every system is different.






@markmuse try changing PCM bit depth to 24 and see what that does? settings/ options/ resampling/ pcm output bit depth. I'm testing it too......

@dolfan  Let me know what you think of the results. I have been sending native resolution to my DAC because the DAC uprezes to some ridiculous multiple of DSD then processes as a DSD file.