Streamers: Lumin U2 vrs Aurender N200

Has anyone compared these two units? Do you have a sense of the tonal differences between them? Tone verses detail. The U2 has gobs of clean detail (gobs is a scientific measurement), but I think the detail is a bit hyped by boosting the tonality in the presence region. I have the U2. I have not heard the N200. Any help out there?


@dwest1023  Sounds like the old Cardas Golden Cross XLR cables. I had two pairs of them and sold them a couple of years ago for peanuts. Boy, that was dumb. 

Thanks for the heads up. Will check them out. 

Somewhere there’s an issue. I’m not sure the U2 was the root cause. It probably just highlighted it. 

@dwest1023 There is a Clear USB and a Clear High Speed USB. Which do you have? The HS has silver plated conductors so I would expect it to be brighter, more detailed. Everything else being the same. 

@audphile1 Maybe so. I admit to being surprised. I really enjoy the Mini. I was simply expecting more detail and depth. But instead the sonic picture is quite different. I put the Mini back in using the same cables, and there it is. I haven't winced yet. And more importantly I am enjoying the music.


I believe it. Well good that you could return the U2. 
It’s all about synergy.