Streamers under $1500

Any good streamers advice? I currently use Sonos Connect modded by Wyred4Sound. I am looking for better sound quality and good software like Sonos.

I was looking at the PS Audio Airlense when it was on sale, has anyone heard this one?


If my memory serves correctly, the WFS mod bypasses the Sonos DAC, right?  Sobwhat DAC are you using?

Get a BlueSound Node and a decent interconnect, listen to it for awhile, then add on a LPS, power cord, and maybe even the internal upgrades. You'll start with a very good unit, and finish with a great custom unit, all within your budget and (until you mod the innards) a warranty, and a strong 'ecosystem' to support you. 

I went through various stuff under 1000 and settled on Raspberry pi w Allo digione card or equivalent. And their LPS or Nirvana power supply.  Add an SSD for files. I use Volumio with it but there might be better. Small footprint, and I think sounds better than BlueSound which I also kept, and a lot of these all-in-one boxes. But the first reply about software you can live with is important. Not just sorting and other features but how quick does it respond with server unit from whatever remote device you use.

Cambridge Audio streamers use their own proprietary interface called Stream Magic that is very easy to use. Links up to smartphones and tablets and comes preloaded with Qobuz, Tidal, and the others. They look great, have excellent sound, and most will accept external drives and also link up to any other digital sources already on your system. I use the CXNV2 and have been very satisfied with it. It was recently updated with their newer CXN100 that runs $1099 msrp. 

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  I liked my CXN so much that I bought another for my second system.  They have just changed the DAC and I have not heard it but I generally get on with ESS Sabre based DACs.