Streamers under $1500

Any good streamers advice? I currently use Sonos Connect modded by Wyred4Sound. I am looking for better sound quality and good software like Sonos.

I was looking at the PS Audio Airlense when it was on sale, has anyone heard this one?


Update 2 - The reason I was looking for a different streamer is because, I was experiencing audio dropouts. I just found out Sonos products do not work with T-Mobile LTE routers. This is why I was experiencing audio dropouts. Only choice now is to change Sonos, or router.


I also read, long ago, that the WYRED4 upgraded Sonos had more dropout issues...

Eversolo DMP A6 Master Edition with Beatechnik LPS for the A6 will be about that price. Included femto clock and upgraded opamps and adding the LPS upgrade are a good value. Interface is one of the best out there.